In the mid-sixties, British groups were leading the music scene.  American acts strove to compete with the Motown artists in the forefront.  A five-piece Cleveland, Ohio combo merged the England and Detroit sounds to create their own.  This group was THE OUTSIDERS.  Upon completion of recording their rock tour de force "Time Won't Let Me," the band signed with Capitol Records.  The song was released in January, 1966 and was soon certified an R.I.A.A. million seller.  Capitol released an album of the same name in May that garnered splendid reviews.  "The boys from Cleveland make an exciting and impressive album debut"- Billboard.  "There aren't too many debut albums anywhere quite as strong as THE OUTSIDERS' first long player" - All Music Review.

Seven additional singles charted on the Billboard Hot 100.  "Help Me Girl" featured orchestrations by Chuck Mangione.  The Isley Brothers' penned "Respectable" was a bigger hit for THE OUTSIDERS than the Isleys.  The group toured with B.J. Thomas and Sonny & Cher.  Several more albums were released, again to outstanding reviews.  Regarding "The Outsiders Album #2," All Music Review stated "many, many moments of brilliance," and in praise of "Happening Live," Underground Music wrote "This album is extremely solid.  The musicianship and song choice is superb."

THE OUTSIDERS departed Capitol in 1969 and signed with Bell Records.  Two years later, the omnipresent "Precious and Few" soared to million-selling status, but a dispute regarding THE OUTSIDERS' moniker forced the single and accompanying album to be released under a different name.  Following some discussion, the band agreed upon Climax.  "Precious and Few" was the group's final entry into the Top 40.  Their 1973 release of the future Righteous Brothers' hit "Rock and Roll Heaven" failed to chart.

An extended sabbatical ensued until the mid-80s.  The name dispute was resolved and various members reconvened as THE OUTSIDERS for six shows at Lulu's Roadhouse in Kitchener, Ontario, a 4,000 capacity nightclub once listed in the Guiness Book of World Records.  Still capable of thrilling performances, ("they completely blew me away" - Eric Carmen of The Raspberries,) and spearheaded by Bill Bruno and Ricky Biagiola, THE OUTSIDERS are back to stay.